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PO Box 300, Ivanhoe, Victoria, Australia
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Janine Rew
Owner / Director
+613 52226615


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It’s simple, fun, accessible, and effective; and one of the most inspiring group activities guaranteed to connect EVERYONE in the room within minutes!
It’s Drumming! - And the effect is immediate & infectious!
EVERYONE gets an invitation to ditch the role of spectator, and become part of the show!
Through a series of dynamic non-verbal gestures and dramatic mime, Afrobeat weave their magic, introducing the ever popular Djembe drum through thunderous drum rolls and infectious beats, call and response chanting, hand clapping, and dynamic movement that’s focused on maximum participation.
Even for those who don’t believe they have a rhythmic bone in their body!!
Before they know it, the unsuspecting audience have become performers rather than spectators, and the group dynamic and team spirit begin to emerge. This in-the-moment, music-making experience concludes by beating out rhythms of unity, creating musical harmony, and an outstanding theatrical performance that is TRULY INSPIRATIONAL!


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