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Covid-19 Changes at The Retreat

Released by The Retreat Port Stephens on Monday, 18 May 2020

The whole world has changed in a very short period of time. An unexpected pause in the everyday lives of everyone and the shut down of so many industries has left us all in shock. Who would have thought that in this modern technological era that something could have such a massive impact on the world...........yet here we are.

We have had to temporarily pause and re-schedule so many reservations, business events, private events and educational camps. This time of pause has allowed us the privilege of time to catch up and reflect on what we are offering and how we can do things better. So what have we done you ask?

Social Distancing is here to stay for a while so we have had to remove some bunk beds (thank god) as these are not ideal for social distancing. The Lodge has dropped from 22 Guests down to 15 Guests but it is so good. The building looks and feels amazing and this now gives more flexabilty for couples and families as well as more room.

Sanitation has to be at the highest possible level. Our cleaning routine for all rooms and facilities have been upgraded and checklists expanded to ensure that every surface that comes into contact with people are disinfected. There are checklists that are visible for all guests to see when shared facilities were last disinfected and the schedule for this. Further more we have in each room a cleaning kit for guests to make use of for their peace of mind. In the BBQ areas there are hand washing facilities for everyone to use, Games room and play ground there are disinfectant wipes for guests to use prior to using or touching any surfaces.

Signage is everywhere as a reminder of what we all need to be doing. As restrictions ease or are re-inforced we will be monitoring and making changes. Hand sanitiser is available to use at Reception and can be purchased if you need some for your personal use.

It is up to each and every person to be safe and respect the social distancing requirements. The Retreat is doing everything we can to ensure that everyone is safe but individuals also need to be aware of there position and proximity to others.

These new changes have now caused our function space to be reduced in the capacity ability.

Pool View room can seat 38 Guests

Bush View room can seat 22 Guests

Combines Pool view and Bush view for 60 Guests in total. 

If there are any questions or if you wish to enquire please do as we are still available in the office to answer any questions.

Take care and stay safe