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Mackay Centre Walks the Sustainable Talk

Released by Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre on Friday, 8 November 2019

Mackay Centre Walks the Sustainable Talk

The award-winning Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre (MECC) has enhanced its environmental sustainability, with an extensive solar installation recently placed on its rooftops.

A 70w solar plant will operate on the MECC’s Auditorium roof, with a larger 100w plant installed atop the convention centre, on the adjacent regional gallery Artspace and Mackay Regional Council Administration building. In addition to being environmentally-friendly, this solar initiative is expected to provide a return on capital cost investment within four years. The MECC roofs also feature thermal insulation coating which limits power consumption, provides roof protection and reduces internal heat loadings.

A range of other environmentally-friendly processes and facilities at the Centre include a battery recycling program, LED projectors and energy-efficient lighting to replace older-style light fittings.  With all venue spaces and lighting rigs now fully fitted with LED fixtures, the MECC has achieved an approximate 90% reduction in electricity usage and costs, saving 50,000 tonnes in carbon emissions and making the Centre a showcase in sustainable energy usage.

The MECC encourages use of fully-biodegradable disposable cutlery, coffee cups and food containers at events held at the Centre, with the exception of formal dinners. Disposable Bento Boxes are also offered when this menu option has been selected. As a venue with capacity for up to 1500 delegates, these MECC initiatives are significant.

Nicky Hansen, Sales & Business Development Coordinator with the MECC acknowledged that the convention centre seeks to assist planners, whenever possible, to stage sustainable conferences and events.

“The recent solar initiative on the Convention Centre roofs showcases how a large facility like ours need not have a heavy environmental footprint,” she said. “Planners and delegates who are interested in learning more about how we manage these initiatives are most welcome to meet with our team and take a ‘back-of-house’ tour when they visit our Centre, to see for themselves.”

For more information on the MECC and the Mackay region, visit www.mackayecc.com.au