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How to modernise as an Association

Released by AIME on Friday, 6 September 2019

AIME InsiderThe AIME Insider ponders life’s great business questions and we can’t help but feel that the current Association model needs refreshing! So much so, that we’re looking at an event that promises to reimagine Associations as we currently know them through the power of collaboration. In fact, it’s bound to be so provocative, it’s unlikely we’d be allowed to host it on the AIME showroom floor.

So, for those wishing to transform an Association to a modern community for respectful debate and dissent, this invite-only discussion with the industry’s leading agitators will take place alongside AIME 2020.

How do you score an invite I hear you ask? Follow the AIME Insider for more updates on hidden events, tips and odd happenings at this year’s event.

Yours mischievously,
The AIME Insider.