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MEA2018 Keynote Speaker announced - Anders Sörman-Nilsson (LLB / EMBA)

Released by MEA National Conference 2018 on Friday, 10 November 2017

MEA2018 Keynote Speaker announced - Anders Sörman-Nilsson (LLB / EMBA)

The MEA 2018 National Conference Program Committee is thrilled that Anders Sörman-Nilsson has agreed to deliver what they know will be an inspiring and deeply impactful keynote presentation at MEA2018.

Anders is a global futurist and innovation strategist who helps leaders decode trends, decipher what's next and turn provocative questions into proactive strategies. In recent times Anders has raised the pivotal idea that potential delegates are starting to allocate their time to events that will transform them – not just inspire them. He looks at the event industry via the lens of the ‘immersive event' looking at how TED, SXSW and Burning Man are using the creative ideation process to increase their relevance in a digital age.

Anders' view is that the future and the now are converging in a city or start-up near you, giving the curious, the creative and the courageous, a competitive and sustainable edge. At the same time, that same future contains fearsome forecasts for futurephobes.

Anders' was recently interview by the renowned magazine Meeting International where he shared his views on the future of the events industry – read the article here