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Expo Direct introduces Silence Conference Equipment to the market

Released by Expo Direct on Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Expo Direct introduces Silence Conference Equipment to the market

Leading supplier to the Australian exhibition & event industry, Expo Direct, has introduced the latest range of Silence Conference Equipment to the market.

Wireless Silent Conference Systems have been making ripples in the US and Europe.

The Silent Conference Systems (SCS) presents a new, cool, and fresh dynamic to presenting at conferences and busy exhibition environments. 

SCS also boasts a broad range of applications including: Tour Guides, Translation services, Live Performance and Silent Disco – all with the benefit of no external noise, hampering surrounding areas.

Expo Direct are proud to announce the availability of a SCS System for 1,000 users. 

Expo Direct CEO, Eden Fridman says: “We are continually looking to innovate and increase our offering by introducing new technologies and products that provides visitors to exhibitions, conferences and other events with a complete sensory experience.”

Our SCS can be deployed easily across single or multiple spaces, providing users with clear, engaging sound and the benefits of multi-channel audio feed.  Expo Direct SCS presents the opportunity to enhance any event with a new interactive element, so far unseen in the Australian Exhibition space.